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Coir Mesh And Bio Roll For Soil Erosion

Coir Mesh

Hortigrow Coir Mesh / Geotextile have gained popularity with environmental preservation and conservation that are biodegradable. Coir is completely absorbed by the soil from several months to years which is an important factor in the post life dynamics as an alternative to synthetic products. Another benefit is it maintains the pH balance of the soil. Due to its longevity is provides superior soil erosion, soil stabilization and river embankment protection. Woven Coir mesh matting made from different varieties of coir yarn for varying strengths and mesh sizes. The selection criteria are based on slope of the ground, soil type and climatic conditions. Matting gives extra grip for the plants growth through the mesh with added strength to both matting and vegetation

Coir Logs / Bio Roll

Hortigrow Coir logs are produced from filling tubular nets made out of coir twine with coir fiber resulting in a structure similar to wooden logs. The logs are utilized for controlling soil erosion on river banks and in areas susceptible to heavy water flow and they play the role of allowing water to drain away whilst performing soil retention and facilitate vegetative growth around the logs. Logs comes with different lengths and Diameters.